Greenbottle Blue Tarantula is the second episode of Season 1 of the Freeform series, Everything's Gonna Be Okay. It premiered on January 16, 2020 in the US.


Nicholas wishes he could call an adult! After the death of their father, Nicholas, Matilda and Genevieve struggle to return to their daily—and nightly—routines. Navigating the stay-at-home parent life is harder than Nicholas thought.[1]


Nicholas and Alex are attempting to have sex, but Nicholas is still grieving and having a hard time. In an effort to save the moment, he takes out a $320 bottle of wine his father was saving for a special occasion, noting that saving it didn’t work out well for him. He also shows Alex his bugs; he’s a scientist who studies them.

They walk to the girls’ bedroom, where Nicholas notes that he now has power of attorney over them. He makes a joke about how no one would want that, but it seems he’s worried he’s not good enough for them. The two make the girls’ lunches and banter, and their connection is sweet. They finally do have sex, but Nicholas is conflicted on whether to stay with Alex afterwards or return to the girls, since they’ve all slept in Darren’s bed together since he died. Alex reassures him, telling Nicholas to do what he feels is right. Nicholas returns to Darren’s room while Alex remains in Nicholas’ garage-bedroom.

The next day at school, Genevieve’s crush Leonard asks to talk to her. He was among those throwing tampons at her in class and wants to apologize in the wake of her father’s death. He says he told his own father what happened, and his father asked him if that’s the kind of person he wanted to be. So, he decided to apologize. All of this is too much for Genevieve, who can’t look him in the eye throughout the exchange. She runs to an empty corner in the hallway and cries.

Matilda also arrives in class, where her friends have organized a party for her. It quickly becomes funny as Drea, another friend with autism, lets Matilda know that Jeremy wrote the card for her. Jeremy wanted to casually work that bit of information in, but since Drea has an aversion to lying it doesn’t work out well. Drea also points out that Matilda smells like dairy in an attempt to help her, which leads to the both of them running to the locker room shower. On the way, Luke attempts to say hello to Matilda, who just yells “I’m not being rude!” at him as she rushes to the gym. Drea helpfully tells Luke that Matilda smells so they need to take care of it. Drea waits outside with her service dog as Matilda cries in the shower.

Tellulah and Barb find Genevieve in the hallway. They sit with her, and she tells them about what happened with Leonard. She asks them what’s been going on at school, and Barb jokes that Tallulah has been living off the drama of Genevieve’s situation.

At home, Nicholas gets a call from his mother. As she goes on and on about her cosmetic procedures and her fear that he isn’t having any fun, he finds himself locked out of the house. He eventually must climb through an open window as his mother discusses a hot gym instructor she has before hanging up. He injures his hand climbing, and just as he makes it in, his phone rings again. It’s Sam, Matilda’s teacher. She starts to discuss Matilda’s ambition to attend Julliard and the structure they will need to put into place to make that happen. Nicholas, in pain, cuts her off and tells her that while he does want to discuss this, it will have to be another time. He seems overwhelmed by the situation.

When the girls arrive home, they immediately notice his broken finger. He wanted to be there for them when they got home, which is why he didn’t go to the hospital. Matilda attempts to realign it using tips she saw on YouTube, but Nicholas is understandably wary. Genevieve orders a car to take them to the hospital, since Nicholas can’t drive. They try to distract him from the pain as they wait by asking him to tell a story. He talks about when Genevieve was little and angry at him for “stealing” their dad. She threw a fit, which led to Matilda having a meltdown in solidarity, which led to a bigger tantrum from Genevieve since it seemed like Matilda was always taking the attention. So, she dramatically walked off and pretended she was dead in the car, complete with a note. Nicholas found the note earlier that morning, and they all laugh at the childishness of it. When Genevieve checks to see how close the driver is, they find that she canceled on them.


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