Harvester Ants is the sixth episode of Season 1 of the Freeform series, Everything's Gonna Be Okay. It aired on February 13, 2020 in the US.


Nicholas has a very weird week! Genevieve promised Matilda she wouldn’t make a scene, but she ends up in the Principal’s office. Nicholas stands-off with another parent. Matilda demands answers but Nicholas struggles to give her any.


The episode opens with Nicholas getting ready to meet the principal in the aftermath of the last episode’s confrontation. He has Alex on FaceTime for moral support and confesses that he’s intrigued about why Genevieve hit a boy. He’s nervous, which Alex states that he knows because Nicholas is wearing a blazer. Nicholas hangs up as he rushes out of the house.

The principal’s office is silent and awkward, with Zane and his father sitting on one side and Genevieve on the other. Matilda is sitting outside, nervously playing with her bracelet to stay calm. Nicholas arrives and enters the office. The principal states that if Genevieve apologizes, they will roll back the suspension. But Genevieve refuses. Zane, obviously worried more will be said about the incident with Matilda, reassures the principal that Genevieve does not have to apologize. But Zane’s father, angered and not in possession of the full story, insists that she does. Nicholas crouches next to Genevieve and asks what’s going on. Genevieve tells him that Matilda asked her not to make a scene, and Nicholas asks for a minute alone with Genevieve.

In the hallway, Nicholas asks Genevieve for “something he can work with.” After some hesitation, Matilda tells Genevieve that Nicholas can know what happened with Zane. They reenter the office, with Nicholas stating “she’s definitely not going to apologize.” The principal asks Zane and Genevieve to leave, and Zane and his father show just where their priorities are by asking if Zane can rejoin the BattleBots club. The principal allows this, which Nicholas is gobsmacked by. As Zane leaves, Matilda says hello to him, which he ignores.

Nicholas confronts Zane’s father on his lack of interest in the situation, revealing that Zane, an eighteen-year-old, had sex with an underage, drunk Matilda. He quips “Drunk, underage, crying, autistic. So the optics here, they aren’t great.” This is the first Zane’s father has heard of this, and he is furious that his son is being, in his view, unfairly maligned. The principal is uncomfortable, calling the situation complex. But Nicholas stands up for Genevieve, pointing out that she’s so small she couldn’t even hurt Zane. In fact, she hurt her hand just trying to punch him while having no effect on him whatsoever. Zane’s father shifts to blame Matilda, saying that his son has no problem getting girls and that Matilda “must have caught him at a weak moment.”


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