Matilda is a character featured in Everything's Gonna Be Okay. She is portrayed by Kayla Cromer. She is seventeen years old.


Matilda has autism. She grew up with her father and Genevieve in Los Angeles, California. Her mother died when she was young. Matilda has a half-brother, Nicholas, from her father's previous relationship.

Matilda goes to high school with her sister, Genevieve. Matilda has a crush on Luke at school. She even approaches him to tell him that she wants to get to know him.

After her father dies, her half-brother Nicholas moves in with her to take care of her and help guide her through her teen years.


Matilda thinks very logically and can be rather blunt and up front. She loves to write her own songs and is a gifted composer. She retreats to music often, whether that be playing it or listening to it on her headphones. Matilda also has a playful personality and likes to make jokes.


Matilda has long wavy honey-blonde hair that goes past her shoulders and she is of medium stature. She always wears dark rimmed reading glasses. Matilda is most often seen wearing dresses and skirts with floral patterns


You're supposed to ask them questions about themselves and pretend that they're smarter than you!

Matilda to Genevieve in reference to flirting in Seven-Spotted Ladybug




Everything's Gonna Be Okay Matilda's Best Moments Freeform

Everything's Gonna Be Okay Matilda's Best Moments Freeform


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