Nicholas is a main character featured in Everything's Gonna Be Okay. He is portrayed by Josh Thomas.


Nicholas' dad abandoned him and his mother in Australia when he got an American pregnant. Nicholas was only 12 years old when his father left. His mother paid him money not to leave her and he stayed and grew up in Australia.

At the beginning of Season 1, Nicholas goes to visit his dad and two half-sisters in Los Angeles when he is 25-years old. He was about to return to Australia when his father reveals a terminal pancreatic cancer diagnosis.

Eventually, Nicholas assumes full guardianship of his half-sisters after his father's death.


Nicholas is tall with red-blonde hair and pale skin.


Nicholas has a fun, loving personality and he loves to be spontaneous and adventurous. Professionally, he worked as an entomologist, so he loves bugs. He tries to be a role model and authoritarian figure, but because he is young he is not as strict and is more of an easy going parent figure.



If someone offered me heroin right now, in this moment, I would say yes...

Nicholas in Seven-Spotted Ladybug





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