West African Giant Black Millipedes is the fifth episode of Season 1 of the Freeform series, Everything's Gonna Be Okay. It aired on February 6, 2020 in the US.


Nicholas has forgotten how to talk to grown-ups! He has a dinner party to meet Alex’s best friends. Matilda goes to her first high school party with a goal in mind. Genevieve and her friends get riled up and act in the name of justice.


The show opens with Alex and Nicholas preparing for a party where Nicholas will meet Alex’s friends for the first time. Alex is nervous while Nicholas jokes around, making fun of his lack of social skills at an American party. Once the evening gets underway, they all seem to be getting along, with Alex’s friends jokingly asking who Nicholas likes better. Alex, however, is still stressed, which his friends call him out on. The night is going well until Connie makes an awkward joke about her brother, who died of an opioid overdose. Alex had told Nicholas not to mention the topic, and Nicholas pretends this is the first he’s heard of it. This backfires when Alex’s friends wonder why he didn’t mention it. Alex cracks, telling the group that he did mention it to Nicholas. But now things go from bad to worse, as it appears Nicholas lied for no reason.

Rosie, Alex’s other friend, removes Nicholas from the now very awkward situation. She applies makeup to Nicholas’ face as he asks her to tell the others he’s a good boyfriend for Alex. On the couch, Alex admits that he told Nicholas not to mention he’d heard of Connie’s brother’s death in an effort to make them like Nicholas. Connie, now realizing Nicholas lied to protect Alex, has a better opinion of him. The group laughs in delight as Nicholas enters, now in drag with Rosie’s help. He performs a full drag number on the piano as they cheer him on.

Meanwhile, Matilda, Drea, and Jeremy are outside a house party. Matilda confidently rushes in while holding a bottle of schnapps as Drea and Jeremy wait outside, clearly uncomfortable. She approaches the first person she sees, looking for Luke. It’s his house, and he invited her to the party. She spots Luke and makes a beeline for him, even dancing in an effort to look “cool.” He asks her if she wants a drink, which she declines while drinking directly from her bottle of schnapps. Luke is playing a video game, and while he concentrates she remarks, “This is a real party,” before asking if anyone will be smoking marijuana. Her vision of the party seems to draw on the many clichés of popular teen movies, which makes Luke laugh. He gets up to get another drink, and Matilda comes with him.


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